How We Started

As a family we always eat dinner together and there would always be a couple of chairs spare for friends to pop round too. This is our favourite time together because it symbolises family time, laughter, silly stories and more often than not great food (but not always!).

In the beginning of 2014, we were all sat round a dining table in the family home after dinner with a couple of our best friends. We were all connected to restaurants somehow. Some of us worked in restaurants, some of us managed restaurants, some of us had run chains of restaurants and some of us just really loved eating dessert way too much!

From our love for food, discussion turned to dreams of opening a dessert restaurant together. We ended up sitting there for hours drawing up all sorts of dessert restaurant ideas but the idea of The Works kept coming back to the middle of the table. We all wanted a place where friends and family could celebrate, laugh and share experiences together.

We wanted to provide a casual, friendly, modern and quirky environment for all ages and personalities, which could stand out from the rest of the high street restaurants. We wanted to create an atmosphere of fun and laughter where we could invite you in as though it was a friend's home where you relax and get away from the fast modern life. Most importantly we wanted to offer a really different style of food which has something for everyone, with great quality ingredients and really fun recipes, nothing too complicated. Keep it simple, keep it exciting and make sure it's delicious!

Then in November 2014 after planning, building, painting, flying out to Italy to learn how to make ice cream, training, laughing and crying we opened one of our first restaurants in Aylesbury with plenty of help and support from family, friends, suppliers and whoever else was willing. Our long talk of a distant dream finally came a reality. Since then after a lot of support from our guests at our restaurant Aylesbury we started to grow. We opened a restaurant in High Wycombe in 2016.

Of course with growth means a bigger family, we now have around 150 family members in the crew, many of our first ever team are still with us in Aylesbury. Despite the growth and our ambition to have around 16 restaurants in our family we will always hold our family values clear, the same as when we were sat round the table together in 2014 - the customer is not a customer, they are guests coming into our home and we will look after them and serve our delicious ice cream and food with great service in a fun and modern environment (the 80's music, ice cream made on site and prosecco on tap does help this sometimes!).

Thank you for coming in and supporting our dreams and I hope you love what we do,

The Works Family

Elaine, Roger, Sam, Tom, Freddie & Stewart (Mum, Dad, eldest son, youngest son, youngest son's best friend and family friend)