Celebrating 10 Years!

The works is proud to be celebrating 10 years in 2024. We will be hosting a variety of events & promotions, as well as giving back to those people who have made the last 10 years possible.

Freddie, Elaine & Roger sat down with SHOUT PR to reflect on the last 10 years and what a whirlwind it had been. Read about the chat below.
THANK YOU – is the message from the team behind family-run restaurant, The Works, as they begin a year of celebrations in honour of their 10th birthday. Owned and run by husband and wife team, Roger and Elaine Bolton, and Freddie Gamble, the Market Square restaurant has for the past decade served up delicious handmade ice cream, waffles, and pancakes, to thousands of local customers across Buckinghamshire since opening in 2014. We sat down the three of them to find out how the last 10 years have been and what it means to them to have hit this milestone year. 
Freddie Gamble, who has been part of the team behind The Works in Aylesbury - and the newer High Wycombe restaurant, said: “Aylesbury and the wider
community has been amazing for us since day one. We’ve been blessed with wonderful local support which without it, we really wouldn’t be here today. The work that goes on in the town to keep people coming back to Aylesbury by Aylesbury Town Council, The Mayor, and other business leaders, is simply fantastic. We have, and have had, brilliant support over the years to keep the business going.”
Commenting on some of the business highlights over the years, Roger said: “There’s a whole raft of highlights. Meeting all our wonderful guests, who even now are still coming in 10 years on, is one. Another obvious highlight would be our first birthday party where we had a queue going over to the war memorial, an amazing day. Learning how to make ice-cream in Italy. Working with immediate family and getting to see a different side of them. We have really laughed and learned together along this journey. I wouldn’t have changed it for the world.”
Talking about what is next for The Works, the three of them revealed: “The sky’s the limit really. We’ve just launched The Works Gelato company which is a B2B company selling direct to trade. Our aim is to try and grow that side of the business over the next few years, along with keeping the restaurant an exciting and fresh place to come. Our High Wycombe restaurant now has three Escape Rooms within it so we’re looking to do more work with these this year bringing in some new ideas.”
Freddie added: “To everyone who has come into our restaurant and supported us over the past 10 years, thank you. Opening a restaurant is a daunting experience, you think to yourself, will people get our concept, will they come in, are they going to like us? We’re so delighted that people love what we do and that we’re still able to serve them, 10 years on. Our guests, local people, business leaders, and the wider community – the list is endless, have all helped to shape who we are today, and we can’t thank you enough.”