rainy day.jpgHigh Wycombe is a great place for many indoor and outdoor activities. This means that no matter the weather you’ll never run out of things to do.

So, what happens if you’re in the area and you happen to get caught in the rain? What sort of
activities are best to do with a roof over your head?
We have plenty of ideas for you, so many in fact that you can plan your whole day around these fun and delightful activities.

Below, you will see all our favourite rainy day activities around High Wycombe and why you should give them a shot.

Wycombe Museum

Famous throughout the county, Wycombe Museum is a family-friendly venue that explores the longand rich history of the Wycombe district through seven galleries.

Among the collections, you will find local art, historic objects as well as old furniture. There are also temporary exhibition spaces to look out for.

Entry to the museum and the grounds are free though, of course, as a rainy day activity it’s probably better to stay inside.

There are a plethora of activities for kids, too! These include trains and an old kitchen which they can learn and interact with.

Depending on the time of year, the museum also holds a number of events, details of which you can find by searching online.

The Swan Theatre

The Swan Theatre sits at the heart of High Wycombe town centre and is an excellent venue, playing host to a number of performances and events.

These range from pantomimes to full-on stage shows. Each part is divided into three rooms,
including the Swan Theatre itself, the Old Town Hall and the Oak Room.

It’s an ideal place to go when the weather isn’t looking too bright and will keep kids and adults alike entertained for hours.

Hughenden Manor

Home to Queen Victoria’s favourite Prime Minister, Hughenden Manor is an enormous stately home situated on the outskirts of High Wycombe, well within the lush and hilly Buckinghamshire countryside.

As well as a secret map-making base during the Second World War, the Manor was a stage for
intense behind-the-scenes political drama during the Victorian age.

Each room is set as it would have been in that time, the dining room prepared for a royal visit and all the beloved books Benjamin Disraeli and his wife cherished whilst they lived there.

It’s an ideal rainy day visit as it has plenty of fascinating things to look at and explore indoors as well as out.

It is a testament to one of Britain’s most famous prime ministers and perfectly encapsulates a time in Britain’s history full of political turmoil.

Escape at the Works

Finally, the best indoor activity to do on a rainy day is probably an escape room. They’re great for team building and can be a great way to spend an hour during rainy weather.

At the Works, we have three: All Muggled Up, Mi8: Ice Cream and Frozen in Time. Book your escape
room session at the works today by visiting our homepage!