birthday party.jpgBirthday parties can be challenging to arrange, particularly when you have a lot of people involved. Not only do you have to please the person whose birthday it is but all the guests as well.

This can make things tricky as it’s hard to please everybody. However, to get all the family involved, it’s a necessary task to undertake.

With families, it can be even more of a challenge as, although you’re all related, you all have
different tastes and enjoy different things.

So how to throw a birthday bash that’ll make everyone happy? Below, we’ve brought together some ideas to inspire you.

Trampoline Parties

If your family are sporty, a good trampoline park could be a fun activity for all of you. Not only does it get you moving, there are a variety of activities within the park itself to appeal to everyone’s tastes.

For instance, at the Rush trampoline park in High Wycombe, they have basketball, obstacle courses, and even climbing walls.

The whole place is designed for people of all ages. Once you arrive, you’re given your own
trampolining socks and a special safety message before you get a chance to go wild.

If you’re confident on a trampoline, why not show off a little and perform a few trips and flips? It’s a wild ride and can make a truly memorable birthday for the whole family.

Going to the Cinema

There’s nothing like a good film at the local cinema. In fact, nothing quite beats it! Once you’ve got your popcorn and settled down in your seat, you can just relax and watch the big screen for a couple of hours.

Of course, finding the film that suits the whole family is a challenge in of itself, but we think it’s well worth the ticket price once everyone’s on board.

There are a couple of cinemas in High Wycombe, the first being the Cineworld, the second being the Empire.

Each has its own benefits which will inform your choice, but both will show the latest movie releases and provide fun for the whole family.


Bowling doesn’t just have to be for kids parties. In fact, it’s the perfect birthday party for all the family as it throws in a little competition between family members and allows them to better bond with each other.

Once the big day arrives, you can head to the local Hollywood Bowl in High Wycombe which has its own array of bowling lanes, arcade and other fun activities which will put a smile on everyone’s face.

The best part? You don’t even have to go to much effort with the party decorations!

Escape Room

Finally, you could finish off your party planning with a little escape room session. At the Works, we have three different themes for you to choose from: All Muggled Up, Mi8: Ice Cream and Frozen in Time.

Each theme is unique but all have their own appeal and are a great way of creating an ideal family party atmosphere. Book your escape room session at the Works today by visiting our page.