rollercoaster.jpgMore and more stag-dos are becoming alcohol-free, with future grooms becoming more conscious about their booze intake before their big day. 

Whether you’re just not a massive drinker or don’t want to spend your weekend with a hangover, it’s important to have some alternatives up your sleeves. 

This is why we’ve put together a list of the best alternative ideas for non-drinking stag-do weekends. No alcohol involved and every bit as memorable as any stag-do you’ll ever have. 


Best for the competitive sort. Nothing is better for a good time out that rolling around in the dirt and shooting at each other with large balls of paint. 

Watch as even the least competitive of you unleashes their A-game and ducks, dives and dodges to get that all-important win. 

Paintballing is, without a doubt, a great stag party idea that is sure to be enjoyed by all involved. 


If you’re the adrenaline-seeking type, nothing quite gives you a huge rush as go-karting. Race along the track and see which one of your mates will try to beat you. 

After that, take your winning shot on your very own podium, which will be a great laugh at the wedding as it’s passed around among your guests. 

Quad Biking

Another outdoor-based activity, quad-biking is another adrenaline-induced event that will get your blood pumping. 

Race around the countryside, get ready to get caked in mud and see if you can’t get over the finish line before your mates. 

Go to a Match

Whether you’re into rugby, football or cricket, watching your favourite sport live can be a great way to spend your stag-do weekend. 

If you want to go all out, why not rent a posh suite and enjoy top-notch food while you watch? Even better, you can go completely alcohol-free! 

Rugby, football, cricket - whatever your favourite sport there’s nothing quite like going to a game. Stand in the terraces all together and cheer your team on. If you’re feeling really posh, why not rent out a suite and enjoy top-quality food while you watch?

Even better, you can easily make a request for alternatives to alcohol to be provided so all that is left is to do, is enjoy the match. C’mon!

Theme Park

For thrill-seekers, a there’s nothing quite like a theme park. Take on some of the scariest rides and see which one of your mates will come on with you. 

There is a wide range of theme parks across the UK to choose from, each unique in their own right. Choose whichever one suits your fancy for the ultimate weekend!

Escape Room

Finally, test you and your friend’s logic and problem-solving skills by taking on an escape room. Do you think you could escape ours? Visit our page at the Works to find out!