freakshakes.jpgWhat’s the strangest food you’ve ever encountered? There are some truly unusual dishes out there in the world, some even managing to reach people’s bucket lists.

That being said, we do have some favourite unusual food inventions. From unusual combinations to outlandish flavours, these top five most unusual food inventions have made our bucket list.

1. Freak Shakes

When people say you can make anything out of a milkshake, you normally wouldn’t think they mean that literally.

But according to this broad Instagram trend, Freak Shakes are milkshakes that explode with
countless individual treats.

Some examples include, but aren’t limited to, swiss rolls, doughnuts, pretzels, popcorn, lollipops and ice creams with a cone.

For example, you might have a standard chocolate milkshake served in a mason jar but have a
caramel scoop of ice cream and a Kinder Bueno bar or two poking out of the top. Some extra
chocolate sauce might be dropping down the side for good measure.

The whole idea is to cram so much on top of the milkshake that there’s barely enough room to stick your straw in. While that might make you drool, Freak Shakes are supposed to look over-the-top but are they meant to be eaten? We’ll dare anyone to give it a right good go!

Either way, we can imagine it will be quite the sugar rush.

2. Deep-Fried Ice Cream

Probably the most contradictory food item we could find, fried ice cream is a popular treat in the United States.

It’s exactly what people think it is, too. You stick scoops of ice cream into a deep fat fryer, let it sizzle, then pull it out again.

The fact you can fry something which is essentially ice cold without making it melt is, in of itself, quite bizarre but deeply impressive.

When you consider that you can technically deep fat fry anything, however, it’s not all that surprising that it’s out there.

It’s surprisingly tasty too! If ever you encounter it, we definitely recommend trying it out at least once.

3. Doughnut Burgers

If anything will give you cholesterol, this tasty treat will. Doughnut burgers are exactly what you think they are: burger fillets wedge between two sliced halves of a ringed doughnut.

As outlandish as this might sound, it gets even weirder when you consider that the doughnut is also glazed, so you get that full-on sugar kick alongside that savoury flavour.

If that sounds like your thing, then this unusual invention should make your bucket list for sure. It is strongly recommended that doughnut burgers taste better when they’re Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

Feel free to add additional fillings also, whether that be mayonnaise, ketchup, cheese, bacon,
whatever tickles your fancy.

4. Chocolate Bacon

A truly unthinkable mix, it’s now becoming a growing trend to put chocolate on bacon. This
savoury-sweet treat is another one that might tickle your fancy if you like the idea of the doughnut burger.

The idea is to spread melted chocolate on top of a cold (yes, cold!) slice of bacon. You would think that many would dislike this but it’s such a large trend at the moment that it must be worth giving it a try.

Some are even going as far as to put on sprinkles and other toppings. Want almond-covered dark chocolate bacon? You could probably get that.

Other toppings and ingredients include pistachios, buttercream, and syrup. Basically, anything
sweet, you could probably put it on a strip of deliciously cold bacon.

5. Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich

Making a decent macaron is in of itself a challenge. Making ice cream to go in the middle of that while delicately balancing the flavours together has got to be even more challenging.

It’s probably the least unusual on this list, however, as it is a pretty well-established food dish by this point. You’ve probably seen it on many summer holidays abroad, for instance.

That being said, more recently things have been taken a step further. These macaron ice cream
sandwiches are dipped in different glazes, syrups and chocolates to give them a partly covered finish.

On top of that, you can add different toppings such as sprinkles, sweets or pistachios, etc. More endless possibilities from a truly unique twist on a traditional treat.

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