rope-pulling sunset.jpgDo you live or work within the High Wycombe area? Are you looking to arrange an exciting event for your corporate team, or just looking to have a good time with your mates?

Fret not, for High Wycombe is known for its plethora of team bonding activities. Surrounded by the lush Buckinghamshire countryside, this includes many outdoor as well as indoor activities.

There’s a rich vibrancy in the sheer amount of activities that can be done in the area, especially in the area of team-building.

Below, we’ve collected five of the most exciting team-building activities you can find in and around the High Wycombe area.

1. Clay Pigeon Shooting

In essence, clay pigeon shooting is more of an individual activity. That doesn’t mean, however, that it can’t become a team effort or a fun team building activity!

All team members will be able to bond quickly and form an unforgettable experience. They could even pair up or keep a score to make things extra competitive.

After a quick welcome meeting, each team will receive one-on-one instructions from qualified
shooters and given all the advice needed to operate their rifles.

You will learn how to hold, aim and fire both a double and single-barrelled shotgun as well as the techniques used to help your chances of hitting the clay pigeon.

Becoming a marksman is challenging but fun to learn how to do all the same.

2. Treasure Hunt

If you want a dynamic team-building way of seeing the sights High Wycombe has to offer, then you’ll love this activity.

The High Wycombe Treasure Hunt will take you to all the local landmarks, including Wycombe
Museum, All Saints Parish Church, The Town Hall, The Guildhall, and the Wycombe Swan, showing you all of its rich and colourful history in the process.

It offers a chance for you to truly open your eyes and not simply glance at these historic places of Interest as you walk past them as you might normally do.

The activity is an excellent chance to work with your teammates to achieve the same goal. There are a series of scavenger hunt challenges and tasks they will have to complete before reaching the end prize. You will also have a time limit and answer specific questions on a sheet of paper.

The treasure hunt always starts at The Guildhall on High Wycombe’s high street and you can use your own tailored treasure hunt or use a pre-made one.

3. Boomwhacker Orchestra

For a more indoor activity, use some boomwhacker to create a boomwhacker orchestra for your team. Create wonderful tunes and up to five different harmonies, where you will be conducted by the facilitator.

Boomwhackers are hollow plastic tubes that make a soft, pleasing sound when clacked together. Each colour of the boomwhackers produces a different note.

You’ll have to work as a coordinated team to be able to produce a great melody, a tricky feat
considering boomwhacker orchestras can be very large. In fact, this is a pretty good large grou activity.

Either way, it’s good fun and can create some positive memories all around.

4. Soapbox Derby

This is exactly what it says it is. All teams design their own soapbox cart and race it against the other teams. If it’s an F1 or just a rally cart, you can decorate and make the ride completely your own.

Of course, the team will have to build up their vehicle to specific specifications so that it’s safe, but that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable. Teams will also get to make their own crash helmet.

Once the race begins, the teams will take their turn to line up and test the skill and speed of the driver as well as the pit crew.

They’ll race on head-to-head with the other teams, even encountering a pit stop challenge partway through the race.

5. Escape Rooms

Finally, the ultimate team-building exercise, escape rooms! Escape rooms are timed challenges in which guests will have to “escape” a room using their ingenuity and problem-solving skills.

Each escape room can have its own theme, some becoming so crazy and wild that you won’t believe half of them are real.

As far as team-building games go, they’re pretty exciting.

At the Works, we have All Muggled Up, a magic-themed escape room. If you’d like to book your escape at the works, visit our homepage for more details.