Pancakes, sundaes, sandwiches and more! Sit around the table with Eat At The Works.

The Mother's Day Brunch Box


National Delivery Available - order now for delivery by Mothers Day!

This box contains all you need to recreate our American pancakes at home - easily feeding 5 hungry people, plus a £10 Gift Card for Mum!


Our Pancake Box includes:

£10 Works Gift Card for Mum!

500g Pancake Batter (Makes 15 Buttermilk Pancakes)

250g Strawberries

125g Blueberries

4 Bananas

1 Lemon

50g Oreo Crumb

100g Belgian Milk Chocolate Drops

100g White Chocolate Drops

Cinnamon Sugar

100g Maple Syrup

100g Honey

100g Milk Chocolate Sauce

100g Wild Fruit Sauce