Served until 12pm everyday!

Buttermilk Pancakes

3 or 5 stack
Just maple syrup
3-Stack: £4.50 5-Stack: £6.50 
Blueberries & Maple Syrup
3-Stack: £5.80 5-Stack: £7.50


Bacon & Maple Syrup
3 Stack: £5.80 5 Stack: £7.50


Triple Berry & Greek Yoghurt
3-Stack: £5.80 5-Stack: £7.50
Triple Chocolate & Cream (N)
3-Stack: £5.80 5-Stack: £7.50
Banana, Salted Caramel & Cream
3-Stack: £5.80 5-Stack: £7.50
Raspberry & White Chocolate
3-Stack: £5.80 5-Stack: £7.50

Breakfast classics

Eggs Royale
Smoked salmon, poached eggs, hollandaise
sauce, chives, waffle
Eggs Benedict
Ham hock, poached eggs, hollandaise
sauce, chives, waffle
Half English
2 poached eggs, bacon, mushrooms, waffle


2 poached eggs, chives, waffle
add bacon +£2.00
French Toast
Bacon and maple syrup
strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and Greek yogurt
Make It Your Own
bacon: £2.00
avocado: £2.00
 smoked salmon: £2.00
mushrooms: £1.50
poached eggs: £2.00
wilted spinach: £1.00
scoop of ice cream: £1.00



Strawberry, banana, honey frozen yoghurt


Triple Berry Smoothie

Strawberry, Raspberry, Blueberry, honey frozen yoghurt


Bucks Fizz

Prosecco, Orange Juice



All Served With Mixed Leaves

Served from noon
Ask for gluten-free / dairy-free batter


Rodeo Drive
 Smashed Avocado, Tomato, Mozzarella, Olive Oil
Add chicken +£2.00
Add bacon +£2.00
The Westerner 
chicken, bacon, mozzarella, iceberg lettuce, ranch dressing
Billy Goats Gruff
goats cheese, red onion marmalade, roasted red peppers
Dirty Dog
Frankfurter, pulled pork, monterey jack cheese, pickles, bbq sauce
Add bacon +£2.00
Add jalapeños +£0.50
The Godfather
Meatballs, mozzarella, pomodoro sauce, salsa
Turkish Delight
Falafel, chargrilled vegetables, houmous, olive oil
Fajita Chicken, mozzarella, orange and red peppers, salsa, sour cream
Smashed Avocado +£2.00
Huevos Rancheros
Smashed Avocado, Chorizo, Poached Eggs, Salsa



Cobb Salad
Chargrilled Vegetables, Avocado, Iceburg Lettuce, Red Onion, Tomato, Sweetcorn


Chicken & Bacon Cobb Salad
Chicken, Bacon, Iceburg Lettuce, Red Onion, Tomato, Sweetcorn


served with ‘top of the milk’ ice cream or whipped cream

Choose between: maple SYRUP, lemon & sugar or chocotella (n)
Banana, Biscuit crumbs & toffee sauce
S’mores Campfire​​​​​
Toasted Marshmallow, biscuit crumbs and milk chocolate SAUCE
Strawberry Cheesecake
Fresh strawberries, mascarpone cheese, biscuit crumbs and strawberry sauce
Oreo Cupcake
Oreo cream cheese frosting, Oreo crumbs, white and milk chocolate sauce
Triple Berry
Fresh strawberries, blueberries & raspberries, wild fruit sauce and Greek yoghurt
Chocolate Honeycomb Cheesecake
Chocolate honeycomb, mascarpone cheese, biscuit crumbs, toffee & chocolate sauce
Sensational chocolate
Belgian chocolate drops, Smarties, Kit Kat pieces and white chocolate sauce
Apple & cinnamon crumble
Hot apple, cinnamon, sultanas, biscuit crumbs and salted caramel sauce


make it your own

Fresh Strawberries
Belgian chocolate chunks
Oreo Crumb
Swap your ice cream flavour for £0.50 & add an extra scoop for £1.00



All served in a brioche bun with nachos

The New yorker
Frankfurter Sausage, Ketchup, Mustard, Crispy Onions


The Texan
Frankfurter Sausage, Pulled Pork, Monterey Jack Cheese, BBQ Sauce


The Canadian
Frankfurter Sausage, Maple Bacon, Monterey Jack Cheese, Mustard, Crispy Onions


The Cali (v)
Quorn Sausage, Ketchup, Mustard, Crispy Onions



 Extra Dog £2.00 | Pulled Pork £2.00 | Bacon £2.00 | Smashed Avocado £2.00 | American Cheese £1.00 | Jalapeños 50p | Pickles 50p | Crispy Onions 50p




Add any Sundae Onto a Waffle for £2.00

Eton Mess
Strawberry, white chocolate and ‘top of the milk’ ice cream with fresh strawberries, meringue pieces, strawberry sauce and whipped cream
Oreo Cookie
White chocolate and 2 scoops of Oreo ice cream with a whole Oreo, crushed Oreos, white chocolate sauce and whipped cream
Fruit Festival
Watermelon, mango and pineapple sorbet with fresh strawberries, raspberries, kiwi and a wild fruit sauce
Absolutely Minted
Deep chocolate and 2 scoops of mint chocolate ice cream with mint crunch pieces, milk chocolate chunks, chocolate sauce and whipped cream
Hazelnut Heaven
White chocolate & 2 scoops of Kinder Bueno ice cream, Kinder Bueno chocolate, chocotella sauce and whipped cream (N)
Chocolate Lovers
Deep chocolate, white chocolate and Oreo ice cream, with belgian chocolate chunks, milk chocolate sauce and toasted marshmallows
Bakewell Tart
Biscoff ice cream and 2 scoops of bakewell tart ice cream, Amarena cherries, flaked almonds, Amarena cherry sauce and whipped cream (N)
Cookie Dough​​​​​​​
White Chocolate and 2 scoops of Cookie Dough Ice Cream, a white chocolate cookie, belgian chocolate chunks, white chocolate chips, white chocolate sauce & whipped cream
The works
12 Scoops of homemade ice cream and sorbet with crushed waffle cones, toppings and sauces


Ice Cream Sandwich 

Ice cream sandwiched between two cookies. Choose between milk, white, double chocolate cookies


2 cookies, 1 scoop
 3 cookies, 2 scoops
Additional Scoop + £1.00


Ice Cream by Scoop

Served in a tub/cone 

1 scoop: £2.60
2 scoop: £3.60
3 scoop: £4.60
Additional Scoop: £1.00



Chocotella,  Raspberry,  Salted Caramel, Spezialoos,  Strawberry,  Toffee,  Tropical,  White Chocolate,  Wild Fruit,  Amarena Cherry , Chocolate
£0.50 each



Crushed Oreos,  Meringue Pieces,  Mint Crunch,  Mixed Nuts,  Flaked Almonds,  Biscuit Crumbs,, Wafer Espresso, Kinder Bueno,  Belgian ChoColate Chunks,  Smarties,  Whipped Cream,  White Chocolate Drops,  Strawberries,  Raspberries,  Banana,  Amarena Cherries,  Mini Marshmallows



Hot Desserts

served with ‘top of the milk’ ice cream or whipped cream


Sea Salted Caramel Brownie
Cookie Dough Blondies




Made to order with two scoops of homemade ice cream


Made to order with two scoops of homemade sorbet


Ice Cream Floats
Any ice cream flavour dunked in either Coke, Diet Coke, Fanta or Lemonade

Monster Shakes
Choose your own milkshake flavour and turn yours into:

Choccy monster
Kinder Bueno, Kit Kat, Smarties, white chocolate sauce & whipped cream
Cookie monster
Milk chocolate cookie, Oreo cookie, Oreo crumbs, chocolate sauce & whipped cream

Hot drinks


English breakfast: £2.00

Earl Grey: £2.20

Green: £2.20

Lemongrass & ginger: £2.20

Peppermint: £2.20

Decaffeinated: £2.20



Espresso: £1.80

Macchiato: £2.20

Americano: £2.20

Latte: £2.50

Cappuccino: £2.50

Flat white: £2.50

Mocha: £2.70

Iced coffee: £2.50


Add espresso shot +£0.50
Add syrup +£0.50
caramel, cinnamon, gingerbread, hazelnut, vanilla


Hot fruit toddies

Apple, honey & cinnamon: £2.70

Apple & cranberry: £2.70

Hot chocolate

Classic hot chocolate: £3.00

White hot chocolate: £3.00

+Add marshmallows & whipped cream for £0.50


Specialty hot chocolate

Sea salted caramel
Milk hot chocolate, salted caramel syrup, whipped cream, mini fudge pieces, caramel sauce
Coconut cream
Milk hot chocolate, coconut syrup, whipped cream, desiccated coconut, chocolate sauce
Irish cream
Milk hot chocolate, Baileys, whipped cream

Soft drinks

Coke / Diet Coke: £2.70 


Lemonade: £2.70
Fanta: £2.70 
Orange Juice: £2.70 
Apple Juice: £2.70 
Cranberry Juice: £2.70 
Cloudy Lemonade: £2.70 
Peach Ice Tea: £2.70  
Still Water: £2.00 
Sparkling Water: £2.00


Add syrups
Strawberry, Cherry, Vanilla, Elderflower, Raspberry



Glass: £5.00
Carafe: £16.00
Float: £6.50 
any scoop of sorbet dropped into a glass of bubbles


2 for 1 cocktails 5pm – 7pm everyday! 

must be the same cocktail, ordered at the same time
Aperol Spritz
Aperol, prosecco & soda
Lemon drop
limoncello, prosecco & raspberry
Elderflower fizz
Gin, prosecco & elderflower
Strawberry Kiss
Fragoli liquor, prosecco & soda
Hey Baileys
Baileys, belgian chocolate chunks, kinder bueno ice cream, chocotella sauce
Kahlua Cookies & Cream
Kahlua, milk chocolate cookie, vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce
Strawberry shortcake
Disaronno, fresh strawberry, strawberry ice cream, strawberry sauce


GLASS: £4.70
BOTTLE £16.00
GLASS: £4.70
BOTTLE £16.00
GLASS: £4.70
BOTTLE £16.00

Beer & Cider

Aspalls Premium Cider
Old Mout Passionfruit & Apple Cider
Old Mout Pomegranate & Strawberry Cider