Roger Bolton – The Gaffer


Roger has worked in the food industry for 30 years in places such as TGI Fridays and McDonalds, and as the director of a nationwide food outlet within the Arcadia Group, for BHS. Roger founded THE WORKS’ concept with the rest of the team and has driven his dream to where it stands now. His role is to build our brand and make sure we bring THE WORKS to every major city around the country.

Elaine Bolton – Ice Maiden


Wife of Roger, Elaine has always been a food fanatic and actually started her career within the McDonalds franchise. After giving up her career with John Lewis to become a mum of two, Elaine is now ready to start a new chapter in her life. Her primary role in the development of the business is creating the menu and product range. She also trains and validates our Ice Cream chefs to ensure they meet her high standards.

Tom ‘Billy’ Bolton- Logistics Man

The People Person

Tom is a recent Southampton University history graduate who has always been a food nut. His jobs have been within the catering industry, one of which with a small start-up business. He looks after the people within the business making sure we all live by our values and enjoy our time within THE WORKS. Tom also takes on all of THE WORKS social media and communication channels keeping everyone informed and excited with what’s next here at THE WORKS.

Freddie Gamble- Foreman


Freddie Gamble has 5 years of experience within the food industry. He started his career at a start-up cocktail bar and quickly grew into the leadership team there. He furthered his career at Brasserie Blanc where he took on a managerial role after only 6 months. He is now bestowing his knowledge to create and motivate the first Works’ team to develop The Works brand.

Sam Bolton – Contractor

The Contracter

Sam graduated from Surrey University in 2011 reading Economics. Since then he has progressed in the insurance industry completing all his exams to become a qualified chartered insurer. With this knowledge he progresses all of THE WORKS business contracts, reading all the small print that the rest of us don’t understand.

 Stewart Shirran – The Nuts and Bolts


Stewart, also former employee of Arcadia’s BHS, was responsible for business analysis for the food division within this national corporate chain for 24 years since leaving school. Stewart looks after all the ‘bits and bobs’ that allows the rest of us to focus entirely on the guest. He looks after analysing our business to make sure the numbers work to bring THE WORKS to other towns and cities.

Conor Giles – Comms Guru

Social Media Man

Conor has spent 6 years creating his social media profile becoming aware of trends within the field. Conor focuses on all of THE WORKS social media and communication channels keeping everyone excited with what’s next here at THE WORKS.