Sweet Crepes & Waffles

Served (from noon) with ‘top of the milk’ ice cream or whipped cream
Ask for gluten-free / dairy-free batter

Maple syrup, lemon & sugar or chocotella sauce (N)

S’mores campfire
Toasted marshmallows, biscuit crumbs and chocolate sauce

Strawberry cheesecake
Fresh strawberries, mascarpone cheese, biscuit crumbs and strawberry sauce

Oreo cupcake
Oreo cream cheese frosting, Oreo crumb, white and milk chocolate sauce

Triple berry
Fresh strawberries, blueberries & raspberries, wild fruit sauce and Greek yoghurt

Banana, biscuit crumbs and toffee sauce

Chocolate honeycomb cheesecake
Chocolate honeycomb, mascarpone cheese, biscuit crumbs, toffee & chocolate sauce

Sensational chocolate
Belgian chocolate drops, Smarties, Kit Kat pieces and white chocolate sauce

Apple & cinnamon crumble
Hot apple, cinnamon, sultanas, biscuit crumbs and salted caramel sauce