Each made with 3 scoops of homemade ice cream and a wafer

Eton Mess
Strawberry, white chocolate and ‘top of the milk’ ice cream with fresh strawberries, meringue pieces, strawberry sauce and whipped cream

Oreo Cookie
White chocolate and 2 scoops of Oreo ice cream with a whole Oreo, crushed Oreos, white chocolate sauce and whipped cream

Fruit festival (DF)
Watermelon, mango and pineapple sorbet with fresh strawberries, raspberries, kiwi and a wild fruit sauce

Absolutely minted
Deep chocolate and 2 scoops of mint chocolate ice cream with mint crunch pieces, milk chocolate chunks, chocolate sauce and whipped cream

 Hazlenut heaven
White chocolate & 2 scoops of Kinder Bueno ice cream, Kinder Bueno chocolate, chocotella sauce and whipped cream (N)

Get some nuts!
Deep chocolate and 2 scoops of Snickers ice cream with Snickers pieces, mixed nuts, toffee sauce and whipped cream (N)

Chocolate lovers or just for me!
Deep chocolate, white chocolate & Oreo ice cream with chocolate chunks, milk chocolate sauce and toasted marshmallows

Bakewell tart
Biscoff ice cream and 2 scoops of bakewell tart ice cream, Amarena cherries, flaked almonds, Amarena cherry sauce and whipped cream (N)

Pineapple sorbet, mango sorbet and coconut ice cream, with pineapple and kiwi, desiccated coconut, a coconut macaroon, tropical fruit sauce and whipped cream

The Works
12 scoops of homemade ice cream and sorbet with crushed waffle cones, toppings and sauces

Ice Cream Sandwich

Ice cream sandwiched between two cookies.
Choose between milkwhite or double chocolate cookies and any flavour of ice cream.

Single = 2 cookies, 1 scoop
Double = 3 cookies, 2 scoops