Kids Menu

Pancake Menu – until 12PM
*All served with Top Of The Milk Ice Cream*

Maple Syrup
Triple Chocolate (N)
Banana & Salted Caramel

Choose any filling on either a half size Crepe or Waffle!

All served with apple slices

Frankfurter sausage, monterey jack cheese with Ketchup
Chicken & mozzarella with BBQ sauce
Mushroom & mozzarella

All served with Top Of The Milk ice cream

Banana, biscuit crumbs & toffee sauce
Strawberries & chocolate sauce
Toasted Marshmallows, Biscuit Crumbs & Chocotella Sauce

Clown Sundae
Choose any scoop of ice cream from the counter, served with a sauce, mini smarties and a chocolate waffle cone

Waffle fingers with the choice of 2 sauces

Milkshake – 
with any flavour of ice cream
Smoothie – with any flavour of sorbet